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Contract Computer Programers, Software Vendors
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   Mullins Computer Management, Inc. of Montgomery, Alabama                   
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Please feel free to contact us.
Telephone and Fax:
(334) 244-9626
Postal Address:
P. O. Box 11423
Montgomery, AL 36111
Sales: sales@mullinscorp.com
Support: support@mullinscorp.com
Webmaster: webmaster@mullinscorp.com

Mullins Computer Management will design a custom website to fit your objectives and personality.

We realize that each person, corporation, partnership, etc. has its own image to project. When we design a website, it is a chance to protray your company in a new and fresh light. We are constantly acquiring new techniques as well as improving on the current technology. As the techniologies change, your website will need to change. We can provide you with the expertise and common sense knowledge to create a portal for your business that customers will appreciate. Since Jason Mullins has a degree in Marketing and a Masters in Information Systems, he provides the necessary perspective for a dynamic and smooth website design that will increase customer particpation and your brand recognition objectives. Jason along with Kevin Mullins will provide the background database and application programminging necessary to seamlessly run the website..

We can convert your present application programs to web-enabled or web-freindly programs that will let the customers do most of the data entry for you. Also this allows offices in different locations to communicate as if the are in the office next door.

We would be happy to provide a customized demonstration for you to evaluate.



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