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Contract Computer Programers, Software Vendors
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   Mullins Computer Management, Inc. of Montgomery, Alabama                   
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Please feel free to contact us.
Telephone and Fax:
(334) 244-9626
Postal Address:
P. O. Box 11423
Montgomery, AL 36111
Sales: sales@mullinscorp.com
Support: support@mullinscorp.com
Webmaster: webmaster@mullinscorp.com

Mullins Computer Management provides custom programming services to help the business owner.

Custom programming of your applications allows you the flexibility to grow your business in your own way. We are able to produce applications in a variety of languages for many different operating systems  nced in Microsoft Visual Basic, Visual Studio, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Office Products (Excel, Word, etc.), Integration of Microsoft Office Products, various forms of COBOL, Web page design, and scripting.

We are troubleshooters. We will come in after you have tried another programmer or company and correct the bugs, inadequacies, and limitations that they are not able to overcome. We can either rewrite or provide a new front end to legacy systems to make them appear more modern. This means less confusion for newer users.

We enjoy working with others and sharing new ideas and solutions. We are happy to program a system to look the way you want and operate with the feedback and cues that you desire. The more challenging, the more we enjoy the project.

We are experienced in various operating systems such as Microsoft Server, Windows7, XP, Vista, NT, 98, 95, MSDos (every version), UNIX version V, SCO UNIX, and NCR RMCOS.

As you can see, we are highly adaptable, practical programmers.  We take the environment you are in and either make a solution for that environment or we will change your environment to provide the best solution for the budget.

Key Benefits

  • Flexibility and Adaptablility
  • Ablility to change applications (Experienced)
  • Competitive pricing (Low overhead)
  • Available and Responsive (When you talk to us, you are talking to tha owner.)
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